The average cost of turnover is 50 - 150% of an employee's salary. Sound high?

WorkPlace Synergy guided us through some very complex and difficult manpower planning issues, and Ellen Warden played a key leadership role in implementation of our plan. Her business acumen, deep knowledge of state and federal labor regulations, and ability to work with employees at all levels of our organization, helped produce a flawlessly executed staffing plan. She provided a sound voice in hard times and I can count on her for practical solutions that translate into bottom-line results.

Josette Callol, CEO
Specialty Tile Products, Inc

When you include the cost of advertising, recruiters' fees, drug testing, training and the opportunity cost of management's time to screen resumes and applications and interview candidates, it's easy to see how the number can get so big.

Finding and retaining qualified employees that fit the organization's culture can be the most difficult and time-consuming function of HR. Successful organizations have talent management programs to spot and retain good employees, and WorkPlace Synergy can help your business achieve this important goal by:

  • Evaluating recruitment methods and developing improved hiring strategies and processes

  • Training managers on critical hiring processes including interviewing skills, asking effective and legal questions, obtaining references

  • Conducting job analyses to create position descriptions and document required competencies

  • Establishing hiring criteria based on job descriptions and required competencies

  • Developing and facilitating new employee orientation and on-boarding processes

  • Developing strategies to reduce turnover and improve retention

  • Identifying internal and external recruitment sources

  • Participating in your interview process and partnering to assess candidates

  • Developing and implementing organizational processes for both voluntary and involuntary terminations including workforce transitions and planning for reductions in force (downsizing)

  • Evaluating staffing and employment practices to insure compliance with applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations

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