30-40% of the total income is a good barometer for what employee benefits cost an employer. Besides the viable "benefits" there are holidays, vacation pay, sick day pay, state unemployment insurance and social security withholdings that the employee never sees, but which the employer must match. Total compensation, the benefits and compensation that a company provides to employees, requires constant monitoring to ensure competitiveness in the marketplace and appropriateness for the employee population.

Ellen was engaged to assist my firm in a review and restructuring of the compensation system for our more experienced professionals. She conducted her work in a very professional manner and gained the respect of all personnel involved. She presented information for consideration in a clear and concise manner and had many creative ideas that we implemented. She was very timely in completing her work and keeping me well informed of her progress and planned activities. Her fees are very reasonable and she is a delightful person to work with.

Rob Taylor
President and Owner
Taylor Consulting Group, Inc.

WorkPlace Synergy can assist with your Benefits and Compensation needs by:

  • Analyzing the competitiveness of current employee benefits

  • Identifying creative alternative benefits at low cost or no cost

  • Recommending and assisting in the installation of new or modified plans and employee benefit policies

  • Leading Open Enrollment meetings and development of communication tools to merchandise the value of employer-provided benefits

  • Improving productivity and reducing healthcare costs and absenteeism by developing wellness initiatives to move participating employees into lower health risk categories

  • Conducting Job Analysis/Evaluation to develop job descriptions

  • Analyzing and designing compensation structure

  • Researching industry salary survey data

  • Developing merit- and performance-based compensation plans

  • Developing incentive and bonus programs

  • Creating recognition and rewards programs

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